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Anand Rajaram - on stage (until Dec 5) & tv

Anand Rajaram is appearing again in Video Cabaret's The Great War,The History of the Village of the Small Huts (1914-18) - but only until December 5, 2010 -Cameron House, 408 Queen St. West, Toronto Hollingsworth's History Plays are satires combining comedy, tragedy, pathos, farce; a mix that is darkest in the plays about conquest and war. The Great War focuses on mid-ranking officers and infantry-men who are named in no history book -- their stories link the front line with the home front, and intensify the tragedy in this play as far as satire can go. The Great War elicits sorrow and laughter with the graveyard humour of soldiers, the murderous foolishness of leaders, the absurdity of warfare. The play spans two 50-minute acts. CALL AHEAD FOR TICKETS: Box Office 416-703-1725 www.videocab.com

You can See Anand weekly on CBC Mondays at 8:30pm in "Men With Brooms" - curling anyone?

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