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Brampton - one night only - Naseeruddin Shah - February 24

Why Not Theatre & Brampton's Rose Theatre host legendary stage and screen star, Naseeruddin Shah, in 'Ismat Apa Ke Naam' - a play based on three short stories by the famous Urdu writer, Ismat Khanum Chughtai (1915-1991) whose provocative body of work astounded and shocked her contemporaries. The plays are directed by 4 time Filmfare award winner Naseeruddin Shah and performed by him as well as his wife and daughter,  renowned actresses Ratna Pathak Shah and Heeba Shah. 'Mughal Bachcha' told by Ratna Pathak Shah talks about the 'landed gentry' of Uttar Pradesh in the time of the British Raj, interweaving wry and perceptive social commentary with a love story of epic proportions. 'Chhui Muee' told by Heeba Shah, an account of child birth in a train compartment, becomes a hymn of praise to the courage, power and integrity of the rural woman. 'Gharwali' told by Shah himself, a satire on the social mores of the times (1940s), is uncannily accurate in its observations on the nature of the man-woman equation. The performances are in Hindi/Urdu with English subtitles.
For more information on the Rose Theatre & for tickets: Rose Theatre Brampton
Performance is SOLD OUT - but you can be put on a waiting list by calling the theatre at 905 874 2800

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