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Toronto - Divisadero: a Performance - Feb 8-20

Michael Ondaatje collaborates with Necessary Angel's Daniel Brooks to adapt his novel Divisadero – a violent and passionate story exploring themes of memory, identity, love and the grip of the past on the present. It's happening at Theatre Passe Muraille, 16 Ryerson Avenue February 8-20. A Saturday matinee on 2pm on Saturday February 19th has been added. To quote one critic: "Michael Ondaatje's novel has been adapted for the stage -- there it is, or bits of it, up there -- but it hasn't been dramatized. The result is not, in any traditional sense, a play. But it is a performance, quite an impressive one, and it's also a set of performances: some of them excellent and one of them exceptional." For tickets you can call 416-504-7529 or go to http://www.necessaryangel.com/divisadero. 
for a story in the National Post: http://arts.nationalpost.com/2011/02/07/divisadero-adapting-for-the-stage/

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